Trans-emotion Room

Interactive Media Performance

Inyeon is a Korean term that expresses the spontaneous force that exists between people and their connections. This force brings us together and creates a trail of interactions through our lives. Inyeon is a series of temporal drawing projects based on the performance between people and the forces between them. Central to these works is the occupation of one of the most personal spaces we inhabit, a space that carries us through landscapes, a space that we mold with each step; our shoes.

Trans-emotion Room is interested in exploring the variations of body temperature in moments where personal space is shared and possible connections made between people. Two participants are asked to share a small room. When they enter this space they place themselves into a pair of shoes provided, which are embedded with a temperature sensor. These shoes become an interface monitoring the body for changes in temperature. Trans-emotion Room interprets this connection and responds by subtly altering the colour spectrum of the light surrounding them.

abstract image


exhibition poster feet participants shoe rack room setup

Yiwon Park

Yiwon Park is an emerging Sydney artist who grew up in Korea and immigrated to Australia in 2003. She obtained her BFA in Korea and completed her MA at The College of Fine Art, UNSW, where she is currently completing her Master of Fine Arts by research. Yiwon has had 4 solo exhibitions in Korea and Australia and has participated in numerous group exhibitions.

She exhibited her work many different places such as Tin shed gallery, First Draft gallery, 4Agallery and Kudos gallery. She was awarded, and participated in, a Residency program at Camac-Centre d'Art Marnay in France in mid-2012 for which she received a post graduate research travel grant from the College of Fine Arts. Yiwon also presented a conference paper on the subject of her work at the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand annual conference in July 2012.

Peter Wildman

Peter Wildman is an artist who has always been interested in interaction. He has been interacting ever since he was a baby and someone placed a hanging seascape above his cot. This dedication to interaction throughout his life has seen him aspire to be an emerging interactive figure in the Sydney art community.

He has most recently been interested in absolute nothing and trying to make something from it. He is also working on a project allowing other people to shape his life. His work ethic and drive has brought him to graduate from a Bachelor of Digital Media with first class honours and publish his thesis. He hopes to build his art practice further and looks forward to interacting into the future.


WildPark is a collaborative project with Peter Wildman and Yiwon Park.

Yiwon Park is currently investigating how a personal narrative can be used to construct a public mythology. She uses her art practice as a ritual performance that elicits her subconscious as a medium that she applies to canvas, forms as sculptures and most recently engages other participants. This interest in personal experience and the personal space has lead her to the Inyeon series. Shoes have been an interface for interaction as can be seen through her previous performance works. Shoes are a highly personal space that once shared re-contextualises the space for connectivity, places us in the shoes of the other and shifts a highly personal space to encourage a sensorial relation to the other.

Peter Wildman has most recently been engaging in bio feedback as a driving force for art creation. His interest in the subconscious is informed through a meditative process where he uses his body as a medium, monitoring brainwaves and speech recognition to create form. He is particularly engaged in the body as a transmitter and receiver of vibrational matter, which has been informed through research into Sympathetic Vibratory Physics and the way that the frequencies we implicitly emit are key to the relations and connections we make with the world.

In this collaboration WildPark takes their shared interests in connectivity, transmission and reception of the forces beneath our working consciousness to form a series of interactive performances. These performances are participatory inquiries into the undercurrent of our experience that play a vital role in our destinies.